Greenhorn, Ulrick may not be all bark here.

Our scouts found signs suggesting the Dark Druids are attempting to build a Meteor Spell. It's important we stay on the offensive and stop them from gathering all the runes.

We're going to need to create a Spell Workshop if we want to deploy one during our assault!

  • Top secret facility for the construction of powerful spells and unit enhancement powerups
  • Can be upgraded up to Level 5

You can have five different Spells.

  • Dragon Strike
  • Trap Find
  • Armor Spell
  • Rage
  • Meteor Spell
Spell workshop

Spell Workshop Upgrade Statistics

Level Silver Cost Magic Cost Build Time Experience Gained Health
1 40000 40000 4 hr 1000 300
2 100000 200000 8 hr 2250 340
3 400000 600000 12 hr 5625 390
4 750000 750000 24 hr 14063 510
5 1500000 1500000 48 hr 42186 660


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