New Leaf, now you have your center of operations. This must be upgraded to support growing resources and supply counts.

  • You will need to upgrade the resource storages in order to upgrade Hall of Chief
  • Can be upgraded up to Level 5
Hall of chief

  • The daily rewards can be collected from Hall of Chiefs under ‘Rewards’ section which expires only after 7 days


  • The Attack logs can be viewed under the 'Logs' section and you can retaliate the attack by tapping on the ‘Retaliate’ button
  • The logs show Medals/Resources won/lost based on the Battle Results
  • The logs shows the Silver/Gold/Medals earned/lost based on the Results
Attack logs

Hall of Chief Upgrade Statistics 

Level Silver Cost Magic Cost Build Time Experience Gained Health
1 ------- ------- ------- ------- 500
2 2000 2000 10 min 1500 570
3 40000 40000 12 hours 6000 655
4 500000 500000 48 hours 50000 850
5 1500000 1500000 120 hours 100000 1100

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