Greenhorn, it may be time to consider working with other warbands. Not everyone in the Vale is hostile to us, and a Guild could be mutually beneficial!

  • A Guild can be created by building Guild Hall which allows you to participate in Guild activities, tournaments and leaderboards

You will need to fill in the fields to create a Guild

Guild Name - Choose a name for your Guild

Description - A brief description about your Guild

Minimum Medals Required - A number indicates how much medals a new member requires to have in order to join your Guild. For e.g. if you fill in 1000 medals, it means a player needs to have at least 1000 medals in order to join your Guild

Status - Open/Closed - Indicated the current status of the Guild

Insignia - Can be chosen from the default avatar list for your Guild

  • It will cost you 50,000 Silver and 50,000 Magic to create a Guild
  • You will need a Level 2 Guild Hall to create a Guild
  • A Guild can have up to 20 members
  • The Guild Leader is the one who creates the Guild and only has the rights to kick an alliance member
  • If a Guild Leader quits the Guild, the leadership status gets transferred to the next alliance member with highest Medal Count
  • Any new request join your Guild can be checked in the "Requests" field to accept, however the member can join the Guild without the Leader even accepting the request
  • Any Guild member can Visit and Send Troops to another member of the Alliance

  • You can also leave the Guild by tapping on "Leave" button, however all contributions to the current Tournament will be lost

  • You can also edit your Guild by tapping on "Edit" button, but will cost you 20,000 Silver and 20,000 Magic resources

  • The number of Units sent is limited to your Guild Supply Count
  • Select the units and tap "Send" to send them to your ally

  • You then receive a pop up message "Player X has donated troops to Player Y"

  • You can collect the Troops sent by your ally member by tapping on the icon shown in the Guild Hall Building

  • Upon tapping the icon shown in the Guild Hall Building, the troops sent by your ally can be accepted


  • The Units sent by your ally will be shown with a Guild Tag on the Unit. The Units sent by your ally can't be used in the Battle if your supply count is maxed out

  • You can sell all Units sent by your ally by tapping on the "Sell All" button in Guild Hall building

  •  Once tapping on "Sell All" button, you can sell all the Guild Units by pressing on "Sell" button

Sending/Receiving Units in Guild

  • You can Request for Troops via Guild Chat from your ally
  • Tap on Global Chat --> Guild Chat and Tap on "Request Troops" from your ally

  • Tap on "Request Troops" and a message will be received to all your ally members 
  • Tap on "Send Troops" to send units to the requested ally member

  • Select the units and Tap on "Send" to send the troops to the requested ally member

  • The requested ally member receives a pop up message when the unit is received

  • Tap on "Accept" button to receive the units sent by your ally member


Guild League

Currently, there are 5 Leagues in a Guild

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Masters

  • You will need to have a certain number of Medal Count unlock League Levels


League Level Medal Count
Bronze 50000
Silver 100000
Gold 200000
Platinum 300000
Masters 1000000