• Build walls to protect your base
  • In your Base, double tap a unit to select all units of that type
  • During Combat, double tap a unit to select the entire army
  • Every Powerup can be used only once per combat
  • Train and place units to defend your base during offline
  • Place thorns in your base to surprise enemy ground units
  • The thorn blasts which are used during an attack can be restored by tapping on the exclamatory icon shown in your base
  • Upgrade Practice Field to increase your army size
  • To increase your max resources, upgrade Storages
  • In Multiplayer (PvP), destroy 67% of enemy base for Victory and minimum Medal
  • In Combat, destroying silver and magic storages loots their resources
  • Change your Player/Profile name by tapping the Level Indicator
  • Cancelling upgrading process in base will give only half resources back
  • Keep your army diverse for a greater advantange on the Battlefield
  • Attackers do not see debris during Combat
  • In Combat, destroying Hall of Chief loots small amount of resources
  • In Campaign/Mission mode, destroy 67% of base to guarantee Victory
  • Check Logs in Hall of Chief to see results of your Battle
  • You can sell injured troops to free up supply space
  • Can't find an enemy? Attack a player from your Leaderboard
  • Check Unit info to see combat strengths of each type of troop
  • Catapults can fire over walls if close enough to their target
  • Replay old missions to get resources or 100% Star
  • Debris can be cleared to free up space in your Base
  • Local Leaderboard can be found when you scroll down the Leaderboard
  • Build a Level 2 Guild Hall to create your own Guild
  • Get Gold from levelling up and from Bonus chests/crates spawned in your base
  • To unlock Multiplayer (PvP) mode, reach Level 4 and also claim your 1000 starting Medals
  • Short of a builder for building? Go to Shop --> Druid Apprentice to buy the second builder
  • Short of Resources during build/upgrade? Use Gold to complete the process
  • Gold can be used to speedup upgrade process for Buildings
  • Looking for a revenge? Check the logs in Hall of Chief to retaliate your enemy
  • Produce more resources to manage your Combat Units better

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