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Train and upgrade your troops, play through a riveting campaign of conquest, and battle other players in this exciting real-time strategy game!

The Story

Empress Elana, the rightful sovereign of the Vale, has been usurped by the poisonous General Ulrick. Take command of a band of friendly druids in the campaign to restore the empress to her deserved oaken throne!

Defeat Ulrick by channeling the magical forces of the druids! Strengthen your case with superlative defenses and train epic units!

Game Features:

- Build an impenetrable base and repel all attackers!

- Choose from an impressive lineup of units

- Brute, Sorceress, Dragon, Fire-Archer and many more!

- Raise druid armies and take on challenging quests!

- Attack and defeat other players around the world!

- Form a closely knit guild with your friends!

- Chat with players within your guilds and worldwide!

- Compete in weekly tournaments and outshine on the leader-board!

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