Greenhorn, let's get in touch with other warbands and our Alliance members!

  • Tap on the "Global Chat" button to start chatting with other warbands

  • Tap on the "Type Here" field to start with chat
  • You can report or mute users, tap the message and tap the RED X

Dont's in Chat

Be respectful in chat with other players
Offensive or Abusive language not tolerated - could lead to account termination
Racial comments not tolerated - leads to account termination

Greenhorn, let's get in touch with our Alliance members to strategize our game plan!

  • Tap on Global Chat button and press on "Guild Chat"
  • You will see your Guild Insignia on the backgroud of the Chat screen
  • Tap on the "Type Here" field to start the chat with your alliance members
Guild chat

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