New Leaf, let’s build an Armory to upgrade our units to take the fight to Ulrick!

  • Upgrades your Units (Infantry, Vehicles, Aeria) and Powerups via specialized magical initiatives
  • Can be upgraded up to Level 4

We're close now, but it's no time for New Leaf mistakes. The Druids have recommended an armor enhancement for use in Battle. It will require an upgrade to our Armory. 

Let's be prepared for a pitched Battle, Deeproot!

  • Go to Armory Building and tap on "Research" to upgrade your Units and Powerups up to Level 5
  • You can select each Unit and upgrade them via Researching

Armory Upgrade Statistics

Level Silver Cost Magic Cost Build Time Experience Gained Health
1 5000 5000 30 min 300 400
2 500000 500000 30 min 675 455
3 1000000 1000000 24 hr 1688 525
4 1200000 1400000 48 hr 4219 680


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